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About FKI

Who We Are

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The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) seeks to promote the establishment of appropriate
economic policies and the internationalization of the Korean economy for the purpose of
advancing free-market economic principles and the sound development of the nation’s

Article 1, Articles of Incorporation of the FKI

About FKI

  • The Federation of Korean Industries FKI suggests policy alternatives for national economic development based on the principles of market
    economy and puts forth efforts for integrating the Korean economy into the global economy.
  • - A Representative voice of Korean businesses An independently funded private economic organization
  • - One of Korea’s four major economic organizations (i.e., FKI, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Korea International
    Trade Association, and Korea Federation of SMEs)
  • - Founded in August 1961 with the aim of fostering the development and enhancement of
    the national economy by promoting the advancement of major industries and international
    economic exchanges, based on efforts to unify the opinions of the business world on all
    related matters, including fiscal affairs, finance, industry, and trade, so as to help ensure
    the general consensus is reflected in government policies
fki vision